lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

Childhood memoires

More than 8 years have passed since I came to Buenos Aires. A small city boy comes to live to the city of his dreams. Buenos Aires was and is THE place where everything happens! Music, art, architecture flooding the city. All the years I came to know the place, kinda make me desire more and more to live in the Southern Pearl. 

I can say without doubt that I miss living in a house. I had a back yard in my house. Not so big, but filled whit beautiful plants, including my most favorite tree of all times, The grapefruit  Tree,  embroiled in my memory is how much I loved and hugged that tree. I remembered the time I thought how much I was going to miss the place, was not until the last year of High School.  I still remember the smell of the place,  the jasmine sense all over the place, or something very likely to be tasty, and healthy, low salted, most likely.

Back then, my mother taught me some of the skills that would make me survive, and be healthy and happy. I had to go to pay bills since I was 8 as a chore. That's the first thing you do when the paycheck comes. Pay the bills. Then, Go to the grocery store, but go after you have eaten, so you won't waste your money in things that are neither healthy or necessary for you, snacks an such.
The things she use to repeat like a machine:
Always make sure to have clean underwear before you go out. Take a bath at least once a day, and wash your hands before eating or going to the fridge. DO NOT drink from the bottle! And don't leave the spoon in the jam jar.  She also taught me how to cook, and bake. At some point I knew that everything she was teaching me it was for me to be an independent human been. A great way to go for me.

Also, I remember sewing a button to my shirt for the first time when I was 10. It was tight but no so good looking, I remember my mom saying -well done! you will do it better next time-.
I remember how did I learn to speak in English. The Verb to Be, the song, Let it Be by the Beatles, The stories and books, and also the movies. I remember my notes form the English clases saying that I should not speak Slang nor imitate Scottish or British accents ( I used to love the word Bollocks, as in Bollocks mate!, nonsense, rubbish, lies) I liked English but since I had terrible orthography both English and Spanish, I loved to talk mostly. I had a huge vocabulary, but it was no good in communicating whit my mom (between us, I think it was the age of stupidity for me). Most of the time I had to start explaining to her some of the idioms. Until, she got her first idioms dictionary. She was in deed my first English teacher.

The picnics on Sunday, and the first bike rides, the warm sun in the end of winter on the patio.  I think living in a house is the real thing. You can always have a floor to scape in Buenos Aires: your crib, your nest, your cradle, your place. But nothing can compare to living in a house, with a big kitchen, and a lot of space, and a grill on the back;I know I couldn't.

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