viernes, 19 de diciembre de 2014

The wildling that loved me.

-Wha...what can you loose, Jon.
-You know what, they will laugh if they find out.
-Still, You know I can keep a secret.
-Ok, ok, Iĺl give it a try! now leave me alone, for the love of the gods, the old and the new ones!

The wilding that loved me.

Beyond the great wall,
Far north as north goes
over the white white snow
under the underwhelming cold
we found love in a cave

Ygritt They call her,
or so,  she went by the name
Red, the colour of her hair
kiss by the fire, they said
A sing of good luck...
But for whom?

That love that is short,
The love that is lost,
never to return,
a Black future for thou
as back is my coat.

The wildling that loved me.
rode me as if I was a horse,
went around my hair like louse
and kiss me again and again
until the morning came

a hundred years to forget
a mere night to remember,
to cherish,
a day that will not perish
for Her, from her
the one that love me,
the one that I love,
forever. said I.

Jon Snow.

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